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Dreams do come true.

Yesterday I celebrated as I watched the public debut of my novel, Clockwork Looking Glass, rise to #2 on Amazon's Hot New Releases charts. As the day wore on, I was treated to my first review: 5-Stars! And more sales than I'd hoped for considering my "noob" status as an author. I nearly wore down the T, H, A, N, K, Y, O, U and ! keys on my keyboard.

But I'm not in it for the sales, fame or critical recognition.

I'm in it for the adventure of creation. I'm in it to make other people happy; to make them smile; to give them a few hours of escape from their crazy lives; to give them a world they can daydream about, become part of, and to leave them longing for more.

It's why my books start out as free blogs, why I invite input into character creation, and why I hold contests to give readers deeper involvement. It's a shared experience that I enjoy fostering, a heartfelt connection between writer and reader.

And now that I've had my "flash in the pan" on Amazon, I'm already looking forward to the next adventure. I'm currently plotting the sequel to Clockwork Looking Glass, and scheming ways to make the entire Heart of Bronze universe a transmedia experience that involves readers even more. I created "The SkyTrain Depot" as a launchpad for upcoming news, images, information and stories; and so much more that's too soon to discuss here.

Stay tuned. It's going to be a thrilling 2014.

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