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It's a Girl! (...well, two, actually)

Following the loss of our family's last dog, my wife and I decided—actually decided long ago—that we would always be Dog People.

And the enormous love and affection shared with our Italian Greyhound, Velvet, pretty much solidified her breed as our breed of choice when looking to adopt our next baby. 


Well, last night we were thrilled to invite Maggie (aka. Sweetie) and Daisy into our home. They're both Italian Greyhound - Pomeranian mixes from the same litter. They were extremely shy at first, standing like timid statues, but last night they curled up together and slept peacefully through the whole night. This morning brought a lot of tail wagging and clinging to mommy and daddy's sides. 

It's so great to have the sound of ticky-tacky little feet on our floors again, and the unconditional love of a beautiful animal who counts on you to take care of them. 

We will always be Dog People... and proud of it. 

For more information about the Rescue we used to adopt our babies, click here. And so much thanks goes out to Liz for brightening our home.