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I can't really call this a blog, because blogs are typically regular, aren't they? I looked back through my previous posts, and enjoyed my musings, particularly because they were all of importance to me at the time I wrote them. The problem with maintaining a blog, for me, is that I don't have anything of that level of importance to "chat about" on a daily, or even weekly, level.

So what makes me post now? Am I afraid that the lack of added content to my Web site is giving me the appearance of a creative flounderer? Is my lack of creative input sending the message that I'm just like everyone else who owns a Web site--that I'm following a fad, much like a New Year's Resolution, quickly to be forgotten and brushed under the rug with the stack of unappetizing protein bars? Did I start this Web site as a launchpad for my novels (to-date only numbering one), and does it reflect the pace at which I'm writing (again, novels published equals one).

Probably. I'm being honest.

But that's not who I want to be. There is a section in this Web site that talks in relatively grandiose terms about "transmedia," and my dreams of building my own Transmedia Empire. (For a more complete education on what Transmedia is, Google JC Hutchins.)  I haven't really done anything with that. I don't even "tweet" anymore. Why? Because I find many avenues of social media to be sinkholes of ridiculousness. Have you looked at Twitter recently? It's just a non-ending electric river of "LOOK AT ME!" populated by people I don't care about--and the horribly sucky thing about that is that I truly do care about the people I follow on Twitter. I have friends who "take breaks" from Facebook, or talk about "quitting" all together, as if the social media platform giant was a pack of cigarettes. I don't have that problem. I have to force myself to look at Facebook, and I've never fallen down the rabbit hole of spying on other people's lives. Sorry. It's all just "Look at me!"

At this point I stop writing this blog and wonder... am I doing that now? This isn't a New Year's Resolution to maintain a blog, lose weight, read more, or launch a podcast... or is it?

I've decided not to label anything.

Moving forward, my 2015 will be filled with accomplishments both big and small, and even grandiose and minuscule. But, I'm not going to announce their launches. I'm not going to talk about their progress. I'm not even going to say, "LOOK AT ME!" I'm just going to do them.

And I think, for a resolution to actually work effectively, you have to not talk about it.

Just do it.

Okay, you can stop looking at me now.