The Stories and Art of Michael J. Rigg

Welcome to my OFFICIAL Web site.  

Oh, I know there are other Michael Riggs out there: the rock star, the surgeon, the filmmaker, and the Czechoslovakian kite maker... but this is the official place to find out all you need to know about someone who isn't a rock star, surgeon or filmmaker. 

Can I interest you in a kite? 

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Ep. 41 Chapt. 31 "Airship Down"

The Devil's Due is going down in flames! Martin, Kera, Stain, and Jameson scramble to find parachutes, rations, and some way to escape the inevitable explosive crash through the Tesla Net while Sasha Zorma channels her magical powers toward resurrecting Sumeshi. Meanwhile, Colonel Humphrey makes a plan to locate one of the Loyal Glass rebels, Abel Keye, in the gritty, grime-encrusted smoggy city of Chicago.

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