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Welcome to my OFFICIAL Web site.  

Oh, I know there are other Michael Riggs out there: the rock star, the surgeon, the filmmaker, and the Czechoslovakian kite maker... but this is the official place to find out all you need to know about someone who isn't a rock star, surgeon or filmmaker. 

Can I interest you in a kite? 

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We celebrate our FIRST ANNIVERSARY with special guests, looks back on Season 1, and a very special preview of Season 2, with boundless thanks to Steampunk icons, authors and podcasters Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine. And many thanks to our anniversary sponsors: Kevin C. Mason of Jack Monkey Games, The Shared Desk, High Level Games, A Quest for Magic and Steele Podcast, Jock and Nerd Podcast, Terminally Nerdy, and the Happy Hour from the Tower Podcast. And thanks to our Season 1 Cast: Judy, George, Ray, and Derek; and our Season 2 Cast: Melanie, Rupert, Jenn, Dave, George, Ray, and Derek. Music in this episode courtesy Astral Fogg, Bensound.com, and Battlebards.com.

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