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Ep. 05 : TRIVIA SHOW 1

We take a break from our adventure to see how well George, Ray, and Derek have been paying attention. In this, our first SRAP Trivia Spectacular, filmed LIVE in front of a faux studio audience, Michael hosts a contest that covers the first four chapters of our story. Play along and see if you can answer before the guys do.

We also give shout-outs to our initial Twitter followers with the hope that our silly little show will grow as the adventure moves into Chapter 5 next week!

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SPECIAL HEADS UP: Clockwork Looking Glass, the Kindle novel that started it all, will be available for FREE between May 1, 2016 and May 5, 2016. Find it here.

ALSO, AS ANNOUNCED IN THIS EPISODE, we'll be giving away a signed copy of Clockwork Looking Glass (the paperback version), to a randomly chosen "good" reviewer on iTunes or our site. Stay tuned for details. The contest ends when Mike says it ends. :)